Friday, February 11, 2011

love love love-ity love

{It's not too late to join in on the knit-a-long. Don't knit? That's okay; just check out my virtual knitting lessons. Help us spread the love and keepy needy babies warm. And don't forget to enter yourself in the giveaway!!}

I can't believe it was just about 9 years ago that this girl and this boy fell in love. A whole heck-of-a-lot has happened since then: 7 moves, 4 kids {3 boys, 1 girl}, 3 college degrees, 2 jobs, 1 mortgage, 1 minivan, and 1 beagle.

(Not counted: a bazillion poopy diapers, and who-knows-how-many nights up with sick kids.)

It's been a crazy ride, but good.

So good.

Back when we were poor married college students living on love and ramen noodles, we couldn't afford all the commercialized V-day hoopla. However, the ever pragmatic Mr. Snickerdoodle realized that all that commercialized V-day hoopla suddenly became very affordable on the 15th of February.

Like magic or something.

So he started buying me day-after roses and chocolates. Was I bugged? Heck no! I'll take roses and chocolate any gosh-darn day of the year, thankyouverymuch.

Eventually we graduated and moved on to real jobs. With real salaries!! And although Mr. Snickerdoodle could now afford to buy me that commercialized V-day hoopla on the 14th, we quickly realized that finding a babysitter and getting dinner reservations on the 14th was a logistical nightmare. But try to find a babysitter and dinner reservations on the 15th? No problem!

Like magic or something.

So, we still celebrate love on the 15th of February. Our own private little inside joke against the world.

P.S. We don't totally ignore the 14th these days. At our house, it's all for the kiddies. Lots of silly goofy love stuff, although I'm really tempted to start this tradition.


Emery said...

you are more than likely the smartest friends i have.

JILB said...

I'm thinking the smartest and the coolest. Love your blog too. :)