Tuesday, February 8, 2011

we interrupt this knit-a-long...

I finished up my first cap last night, but I'm still behind in the count. Amy's already whipped up four teeny caps and posted them to the flickr group. Thanks, Amy!!

I'll get pics of mine up on the flickr group soon-- it is stinking cute, if I do say so myself. But today is not the day. Not only are the batteries in my camera dead, but my monkeys have been on a rampage. And the baby was insatiable today, so I spent the entire day nursing. Or so it seemed.

Anyways, this post is not an apology for a lack of pics. I just feel compelled to share with the world what I'm up against. It's oddly therapeutic for me to send this report from the trenches of motherhood out into the cosmos. And this is my blog so I can do what I want. (which also includes plagarizing content from my private family blog) Here goes:

To say that our big boys are obsessed with the movie How To Train Your Dragon would be a serious understatement.

They have convinced themselves that they are real vikings and that our beagle is a fearsome dragon.

Recently, they moved every single stick of furniture out of their bedroom. Ok, everything except for the dresser. They got that halfway across the room before they gave up and decided it would be their Viking table. You know, for making Viking weapons and stuff.

Apparently, Vikings don't use furniture.

They accomplished this all before breakfast.

Later that morning, I came downstairs to investigate when I heard sawing sounds coming from their room. Copper (the latest name that our five year old insists that we call him by) was using a butter knife to remove paint from the orange wall in their room.

Apparently, Vikings do not have orange walls.

After I confiscated the butter knives, they moved their mattresses back into the bedroom. They patiently explained to me that Vikings do have mattresses, but not bed frames, and definitely not bedsheets.

Apparently, I've got a lot to learn about Vikings.

But I draw the line at a fire pit in the Viking bedroom.

Even if I have to turn into this lady to get a little respect around here.


Michelle said...

Hilarious! and hugs to you :)

Amy said...

Yes, I am enjoying making baby hats. I loved the story about your "vikings". Great fun!

MON said...

I just discovered your blog yesterday and I saw your post for the baby caps and I got very excited so I knitted one yesterday I just have to send it.
thanks so much for the oportunity to do this, I will post a pic on your flickr account.