Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the quilt

{It's not too late to join in on the knit-a-long. Don't knit? That's okay; just check out my virtual knitting lessons. Help us spread the love and keepy needy babies warm. And don't forget to enter yourself in the giveaway!!}

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It wasn't very nice of me to put up teaser pictures of Stella's vintage quilt in that last post. I should have known you'd want to see the whole thing. (and the Little Miss herself, thrown in for good measure)

Happy now?

You can see pictures of the entire quilt, front and back, here (you've got to check out the cheerful tangerine colored binding-- it didn't make it into my pic, but it's one of the best things about the quilt). My friend Amy whipped it up from pieces of her vintage sheet collection.


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness look how big and cute she's gotten I need to come see her in person finally!

Amy said...

This is a lovely quilt. The baby is kinda nice too! I have one more hat to upload. I am packing up my box tonight so I can mail it to NYC tomorrow. I want to make sure it gets there before the 28th.

Erin said...

gorgeous! and the quilt is nice too. actually, the quilt is beyond nice. i really love it!

hb said...

And Stella looks like she loves that quilt too! I love the quilt! Perfect for your Stella!

Heather said...

Hi Stephanie!

I just watched all of your knitting videos! You're amazing! I'm going to give this a REAL GOOD try! I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks!

(Heather from your ward...I'm the one you saw on our walk today with the puppy!)