Sunday, April 22, 2012

fruit punch sweater

 Done: my first Fair Isle sweater.

Fair Isle is a knitting technique used to create colorful patterns, and since it involves knitting with two yarns at at the same time, I found it seriously intimidating-- so much so that I held off on this adorable pattern for almost a year. Turns out it's really not so bad. The key is to keep the yarn floats really loose. (here is a great video tutorial if you're curious how to do it)

The pattern is Purl Soho's Baby Girl Cardigan, and while I usually knit free patterns because I'm so cheap, this one was worth every penny. It's knit from the bottom up, which I hated at the beginning. That turned out to be motivating though-- since I was so anxious to try out the color work at the yoke (which was almost the last part). That's a pretty good thing for a girl that occasionally has trouble finishing projects. 

There are so many little details that make this sweater special. I love the hidden rib that keeps the front edges of the cardigan from rolling (which stockinette on it's own is notorious for). Also, the crocheted button loops and the tiny yellow vintage buttons add a happy little touch. It's a shame I couldn't manage a picture of the front, but alas, my little model thinks it's hilarious to run away whenever mama pulls out the camera.


Size: 2T (as written, the pattern only goes up to 12 months-- it took a little math to calculate the larger size)

Yarn: Wool/Angora blend, fingering weight. All the yarn was recycled from the same white sweater, I used my microwave, some tap water and a few packets of Kool-Aid (hence the title of this post) to dye small hanks of yarn for the patterned section. 
  • Red = Black Cherry
  • Orange = Black Cherry + Pina Pineapple (equal amounts)
  • Yellow = Pina Pineapple
  • Light Yellow = Pina Pineapple in a much lower concentration
Satisfaction Level: 100%  I'm thrilled with the way it turned out and Stella insists on wearing it even on warm days.


heather said...

This sweater (and your model's hair) is super cute! It does look like it would be more complicated though (as a crocheter, I think all knitting is complicated though). Nice work!

Diana Burrell said...

I just followed the link here from Ravelry's pattern page ... you did a lovely job on this sweater. It's beautiful. I often wished there was a freeze button on my son so that I could get a good shot of him before he ran away from me. :-)