Monday, April 11, 2011

news flash!

The All Natural Face is having a huge sale. Everything in the shop is 40% off now through April 22nd if you use the code NEW SITE (be sure to use all caps) at checkout.

If you're a fan of mineral makeup, you need to check it out. If you've ever been the least bit interested in trying mineral makeup, you need to check it out. Their prices are normally great; with this sale, they're a steal. (afraid of buying makeup sight unseen? they offer samples!!)

A few of my favorite products:

  • Mineral Foundation and Hydration Mist. The mineral foundation is great-- very lightweight, lots of colors to choose from, and smooth even coverage-- but the hydration mist makes it awesome. A few spritzes over my foundation give me a perfect, non-powdery finish. I love this stuff!
  • Mineral Eye Shadow. There are about a bazillion colors, including some wild and crazy ones. I play it safe with a few different browns.
  • Tinted lip balm in cherry bomb. I love the way it looks as much as I love the fact that it's free of funky chemicals and additives.

p.s. I am in no way affiliated with The All Natural Face other than being a happy customer for the past 2 1/2 years. I haven't been paid or otherwise compensated for this post.

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