Friday, March 4, 2011

wind tower

One of my kids' favorite features at the children's museums in our area is a wind tower. Most children's museums seem to have them, and they're always a huge hit with the littles. It's basically a fan set into a platform so that it blows air straight up-- and the kids get to experiment with making cupcake liner papers and coffee filters fly in the windstream made by the fan.

A few days ago, on one of the rare days that I actually blow-dry my hair, I got a stroke of inspiration: we could make our own wind tower. We dug a cardboard box and Styrofoam packing insert out of the recycle bin and got to work.

I traced the shape of my blow-dryer nozzle on the top of the box and then cut it out. Then I stuck the nozzle into the resulting hole, and propped the blow-dryer up on the packing insert. I used masking tape to hold down the "cool blast" button and we were good to go.

That all took about 5 minutes. Here's what it looked like on the inside:

Notice that the air intake thingie on my blow-dryer is kind of pointy, so it doesn't rest flat on the Styrofoam. We would have had to figure out something else if my blow-dryer was flat there.

Here's a view from the top:

Ping pong balls and coffee filters both flew really well. We didn't try cupcake liners today, but I'm sure they'd do great too.

We had fun taking pictures of the kids being "wizards" and making their balls float in mid-air.

We ended up getting an entire morning of entertainment for the cost of 5 minutes of work and a raid on the recycle bin. I love it when that happens!

Here's a video of the contraption in action:


Erin said...

awesome idea!! you are brilliant. i will be doing this with my kids.

tarabu said...

This makes me want to go buy a hair dryer and a bag of ping pong balls!

Angie said...

Awesome! You're a genius scientist mom.

Michelle said...

That is such a wonderful idea -- now I've got to figure out where my hairdryer is!

Valerie said...

Helloooo! I followed you from Ravelry to your blog. Maybe just a tiny bit of stalking going on. Miniscule, really. But who could resist when there's mention of a baby named Choncho?

I haven't blog-surfed for over a year, and look at the fabulous reward I get for my restraint: Blow-Dryer Brilliance. Thank you! Now if only I can find the ping-pong balls...

Melanie said...

You are brilliant. My four boys (ages 6 and younger, too!) will loooove this.