Wednesday, January 19, 2011

crockpot dyeing take 2: Fern

Yarn: "harvested" from a very soft wool sweater
Before: two-tone ice blue
After: two-tone yellow green

Sure, the original color is nice (and I've got lots more of it), but I had to have some yellow green after I saw a woman at the grocery store with a lovely cowl of the same shade.

Method: I added one packet of lime green Kool Aid to the dye bath. It exhausted pretty quickly, but didn't do a thing to change the shade. I realized two things: #1- that 1 packet of KA was no where near enough dye for the amount of yarn I was using, and #2-- that since my yarn was already blue, I just needed to add some yellow Wilton's food coloring to get green, and a little red Wilton's to muddy it a bit. I also added some vinegar to help the Wilton's color set.

Lesson learned: I'm very happy with the result, but have decided that it's time to be a little more precise (weighing yarn and measuring dye) and keep notes. That way I can replicate good results and learn from not so good ones.

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