Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

First off, the Snickerdoodle clan is all finally recovered from the nasty stomach bug we were dealing with a couple of weeks ago. I'll spare you the details, but let it be known that I have a deeper appreciation for the normal functioning of the digestive system.

Now, on to the real reason for my post. A few weeks ago, my kids discovered a great book at the library. It's called Howtoons; have you heard of it? It's essentially a comic book that follows a brother and sister duo on their crafty/creative adventures.

Not ribbons and vintage buttons kind of crafty/creative though. The book includes instructions for making ice cream, safety goggles from plastic soda bottles, marshmallow shooters, and (my boys' personal favorite) a water-powered rocket. I was deeply grateful to the authors of this book when I saw my 5 year old's Christmas wish list:

5 feet of PVC pipe
2 empty 2-liter soda bottles
Rubber bands
4 wire coat hangers
Someone to help me make cool stuff

Readers, I am not kidding about this. It kind of feels like cheating to get away with spending less than $10 on your kid's Christmas, but I've got a feeling we're just going to run with this one.

The point of all this is though, is that now you understand how much we love the book, you can see how absolutely ridiculously thrilled we were to come across the Howtoons Blog. You should go and check it out to. It'll make your day.

Oh, Happy Day indeed!

P.S. According to our estimated due date (which happens to be tomorrow), little miss snickerdoodle is expected to make her grand debut in the somewhat near future. Maybe this weekend? We shall see...


Christie said...

I love that list! I remember when my cousin asked for duct tape, string, and doorknobs for Christmas one year. He was happy with those supplies for a very long time.

Julie said...

That is adorable. We will check them out. So, what's going on today with the little miss? Just curious . . . Katey is wrapping up her gift as I type this comment ;) And, just to serve as fair warning -she also gave me a lecture last night that she never got to see the boys after they were born. Then went on to TELL me that it's no big deal for the two of us to drive on over even if we only stay for a few minutes. Another way for her to sneak in that the boys were not invited! You sure have lots of fun in store. We'll be waiting on pins and needles.

Maggie said...

Love the christmas list. good luck bringing little miss through... exciting times.

Nicolle said...

Just wanted to tell you that I made your bread. I've been looking everywhere and trying all sorts of breads to use as a sort of daily bread. I loved, loved, loved this! I linked to it on my newish blog and even wrote a little bit about it in my recent post. Thanks so much! :> Nicolle

Jenny said...

I love that Christmas list! We'll have to check out the book and blog. Thanks for the recommendation.