Saturday, May 22, 2010

yellow brick road baby sweater

I cast on and got half-way through this sweet little baby sweater during last week's family movie night viewing of The Wizard of Oz. A couple of hours knitting the next day were all that it took to finish it up. (ignore the needle closure-- I've got some tiny little ladybug buttons that I still need to sew on) It was so fast and easy I could hardly believe it! My favorite part: it's knit in the round, so the only seaming required was a couple of inches on each sleeve. This was instant gratification baby knitting at it's best.

I'm pretty sure this is going to become my go-to baby gift. Short sleeves for Spring and Summer babies, and long sleeves for Fall and Winter babies. The eyelet look might be a little feminine for boys, but it would be really easy to skip the yarn-overs (that's what makes those holes) in favor of un-holey (tee hee!) raglan increases and moss-stitch borders on the body and sleeves for a more boyish sweater.

My modifications here:
  • Short sleeves: instead of working 3 inches on the sleeves before the border pattern, I jumped immediately into the border pattern at the division, only doing one row of yarn-overs.
  • three button holes instead of just one.


Alison said...

i can't get over your knitting skills!

Britney said...

I LOVE this!!! This summer,....on your porch or mine? You can teach me....please???