Monday, February 22, 2010


We have reached the whirling dervish stage of babyhood. This kid is in to everything: if it can be knocked over, pulled out, and generally mussed up, he's right there and ready to get that party started. He is one very busy little manchild.

To buy ourselves a little peace and quiet, we've taken to putting him in his highchair with a tray full of dishsoap suds scooped from the sink. If we keep sending fresh bubbles his way, it'll keep him occupied for about a half hour; a baby eternity.

He did try a tiny taste of bubbles the first time, but has sworn off them ever since.

(my favorite part: clean-up is a piece of cake. By the time he's done, the bubbles are just a little puddle and I only have to dry the tray off with a towel.)

Anybody else have some good tricks for keeping little hands occupied? I wanna hear 'em!


heather said...

that is brilliant! my youngest is now 10 months and into everything too. however, cheerios in the high chair are still new enough to buy me some time...for now! :-)

ERIN said...

I have no good ideas. Sad.
After you posted the bubble idea on your family blog I tried it with Ezra. He totally ate all the bubbles. I will try again though because he did have fun!
I know how you feel though. Ezra is into EVERYTHING and now he is climbing on the furniture and LEAPING off. It is nerve wracking!

LJ said...

yea, you should win a nobel prize or something for this idea!
let's see . . .Willem loves going through all the cupboards in our bathroom, so I filled one of the drawers with stuff that he thinks is mine but is actually baby-proof: an empty soap box, an empty gel container, an empty jar of vaseline, etc. I do the same thing with an empty box of kleenex. He loves to fill it up with little toys and then pull them out.

Britney said...

Love it. I'm going to try it. Maybe he'll throw the bubbles onto the floor on top of all of the food he throws off his high chair and my floor will magically be clean.