Monday, January 19, 2009

my atlas-inspired-inspired bookshelves

We've been in the market for some large, sturdy, good-looking and inexpensive bookshelves to house our collection of books. My standard go-to for furniture, the local on-line classifieds, which have been so helpful in our search for dressers, couches and toddler beds, turned up nothing but cheap press-board shelves.

Enter, Suzanna's Atlas-Inspired Bookshelves. I came across these beauties whilst craft blog surfing, and decided they're exactly what we've been looking for. We spent $87 at Ikea on a metal Broder frame and brackets, and then I cut up some old dressers we've had hanging around-- Thanks, Cranes for letting me borrow your circular saw!!

I'm pretty proud of myself for taking before and after (well, almost after) pictures this time. Here's what the process has looked like so far:
The wall where the new shelves will go.

One of the old dressers, pre deconstruction.

One of the old dressers, post-deconstruction.

The new shelves, half way done.

I still need to take apart the second dresser (who knew that taking stuff apart could be so satisfying!?), and paint the shelves. We should have a functional, and somewhat attractive set of shelves in place tomorrow- Woo Hoo!! By the way, some of you may have noticed that Suzanna's bookshelf has 6 shelves and mine only has 4. Fact is, I found some other stuff I wanted to buy when I was at Ikea and figured I could sacrifice $16 for the extra brackets. Someday, I'll probably revisit this project and add another shelf or two.

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