Monday, November 7, 2011

am back (with some notes on halloween costumes)

So, last Spring, I decided it was time to let this blog slip gradually into oblivion.

Maybe you noticed. Maybe not.

I was nearing the end of my first year of homeschooling two kids (and wrangling two others) and the fact of the matter was that I didn't really have time for any of the crafty-type stuff that used to find a home here at Snickerdoodle. Or if I did have the time, I didn't have the mental energy to take (semi)decent photos and compose a post.  Seriously, it took me 7 months. (seven months!) to knit one teeny little baby sweater.

I'm realizing now though, that after a good 6 months off, I kinda miss the ol' blog.  It was a lot of fun and I loved how easy it was to reach out and connect with people I never would have met in real life.

So.... I think I might be ready to come back and try again. It might be a little bit different this time around. Now that we're well into our second year of homeschooling, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it and I might just have time for a few crafty projects now and then.  And I may share some of our favorite educational resources here and there.

But don't hold your breath. Let's face it: I'm lucky to get a shower most days, so blogging can't be my #1 priority.

Maybe priority #264.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Anyhoo, my kids are obsessed with Star Wars. OBSESSED. Other costumes didn't even get a chance for serious consideration. Here's the breakdown:

The Mr. and I wore some last-minute borrowed costumes, but I made the kids' costumes (for a total of about $20)

L: Storm trooper-- Armor made from 9 12" x 18" sheets of white craft foam; used this tutorial. Helmet made from two milk jugs, some electrical tape and paint; used this (brilliant) tutorial from Filth Wizardry.

D: Luke Skywalker-- (borrowed) Karate uniform top, khaki pants, belt and boot covers from fabric stash felt. Borrowed the idea from Inchmark

J: Yoda (or "Massa Woda" as he likes to say)-- Brown sweatsuit (already had), a rustic little robe that I found in my fabric stash (maybe for a Nativity shepherd? who knows...), and modified pilot cap. I used Sew Liberated's lovely Sweet Pea Pilot Cap pattern and tacked a couple of Yoda ears to the side of the cap.

S: Princess Leia-- White turtleneck and tights, very simple sheath dress (no finished edges and a safety pin closure-- yeah baby!), and modified pilot cap. Used the same pattern for the Yoda hat, only out of brown fleece instead of green, and with "buns" instead of ears. Each bun was just a 1.5" wide strip of fabric about 18" long that I twisted and tacked onto the hat.

And there you have it: a copy-cat Star Wars Halloween on the cheap.



Funky Kim said...

Welcome back! I am an infrequent blogger and decided I just won't stress about it. People like us are who blog readers were made for. You just popped up in my reader and I clicked on you and read. Woot!

Have a day! And if you want an easy blog to keep up with, I'm at

Lindsey said...

Sweeeeeet! So awesome to find that you're a reader of my blog. I've been subscribed to yours for so long that I can't remember how I came across it. Fantastic costumes! So happy to see that the storm trouper helmet tutorial was useful :)

Erin said...

yay! it's so great to see you around these parts! i have missed you. kuddos to you for home schooling. i think that it awesome. you really are a super mom!

Christie said...

Just seeing the name Snickerdoodle makes my mouth start watering.

I love creative costumes. And creative friends.

heather said...

Love the costumes and really think you did a great job with your budget. They looks really awesome (especially the Leia and Yoda caps).