Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little January cheer

Here's what's making me happy on this gray January day:

The memories of yesterday's perfect apple pie.
(seriously, I'm kind of tempted to make another and enter it in the county fair)
(yes, you should make one too. just do yourself a favor and use this crust.)

A thrift store treasure I picked up last week

My annual Christmas present to myself: watching the growth of my cheerful amaryllis.

Also: playing Legos with my six year old birthday boy and making yet another chocolate cake with caramel icing.

What makes you happy today?


hb said...

6 year old???? Where does the time go? And there's no way Kaley is old enough to be a missionary!
I was craving an apple pie earlier-now I'm going to hafta do it!

Steph said...

hb~ Crazy, eh? Time moves by waaaay too fast. (and PLEASE make that apple pie-- it's ridiculous)