Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the fog has lifted. also, what should I knit?

Friends, it's good to be back in the land of the living. I swear I can feel the progesterone levels dropping a bit. Heck, I even scraped up enough energy to make a decent dinner for my family last night. It's been fend-for-yourself around here for the past few weeks-- even baby Jack had to learn to make himself a PBJ if he wanted to eat.

I kid, I kid (but only a little).

I've got an important decision to make and I need your help. Mr. Snickerdoodle and I are soon headed out to the Big Apple for a few days, sans munchkins. Since I won't be busy trying to keep my kids happy and off everyone else's nerves, I think I'm in need of a good knitting project to work on while we're in transit. I just can't decide what.

Should I make something pretty for me?

Summit via Knitty.

Anthemion via Knitty

Or something sweet for il bambino?

Presto Chango via Jimmy Beans Wool.
(I've already knit this pattern before and love it)

Ribbed Baby Jacket via All About You

Please cast your vote and make my decision for me. Because really, thinking still takes too much energy for me.

P.S. All of these patterns are free, just follow the links. And if you want more (more! more!), you really should become a member of Ravelry. (it's free too!)


Alissa said...

Personally I love both B and D, but if your in need of just 1 project I would go with B since you don't know how big the new lil' munchkin's gonna be so that might cause some problems.... Love ya lots, and I'm happy to say I'm very excited for the new munchkin to come along(no matter what it is). Knowing how all your kids have turned out s/he will be gorgeous. I really hope this isn't your last one though!!! Sorry, but being the aunt of your children I just love them so stinkin much, and want to see more of them, but I guess it is really between you, Joe, and heavenly father. Love ya again, and hope you get more energy soon!

LJ said...

I'm totally loving D. the baby ribbed sweater. It's positively adorable. Plus, I love small projects because they can be finished so quickly. But, all of the projects are lovely.

Emery said...

come on, steph. you can't fool us. we all know you're a whiz with the needles...you could probably make one on the way out and one on the way home. i so go for both!

Erin said...

I am so glad you are feeling better!
I am dying over option D. By the way, you are such an overachiever! My husband and I are going to Boston in about a week (like you sans kids. Yippee!) all I plan to do on the plane is read and enjoy not having keep children calm. HAVE FUN!!

Julie said...

I can see we may not be as helpful as you'd hoped - I'm totally going for A , alllll the way! It's beautiful and so unique - I was thinking instead of a wrap, doing a smaller scarf version with a finer guage. It is just so very lovely. (and it looks so complicated) How fun for the two of you! We were hoping that on the first night that the boys could come stay with us and we'd take them back to Nana Wednesday??? We have plenty of beds - no sleeping bags needed.

Nadia said...

Blog hopping reading to what I shall vote A for! Lovely lovely pattern. Maybe I should make you knit one for me too..?? ;)

Hi & Bye!


hb said...

Zack votes D and I vote C. And I agree with Emery. You are a whiz.

Maggie said...

I vote D ribbed baby sweater! small, easy and adorable

J.V. Snook said...

I think I am the only one that votes for "B"! How beautiful you will look and feel in that wrap* In a sage green would look just great!