Monday, March 8, 2010

gently coaxed

I've decided that the term "forced bloom" isn't really accurate. It seems so violent, doesn't it? So violent, when really all I've done is bring a few branches in to a warmer place, given them something nice to drink, and waited.

Anyways, here are some recent pictures of the results of our gentle coaxing.

baby leaves on my crab apple branch

and blossoms! (from my flowering plum tree)

I can have Springtime in my soul, even if Mother Nature isn't yet ready to cooperate.


Jessica C. said...

Beautiful Blossoms!

Angie said...

I love that you do that.

Erin said...

Beautiful! Spring has seemed to have arrived in Charlotte. High 60's today. We spent most of the day outside and I started to prepping for my garden.
Anyway, so all you do is cut off a branch that already has buds and bring it inside and put it in water...? That seems too easy!

Katie said...

Oh so lovely to see blooms on a gray day! Can't wait to learn from you next week at your bread "creating" class!