Wednesday, March 31, 2010

come see me at BLOOM...

I'm guest blogging at BLOOM today on my favorite natural household cleaning recipes. Please stop in and say hello!

If that's not enough to get your Spring Cleaning mojo going, here are some of my favorite pandora stations for cleaning to:

Spicy Latin Music (Tito Puente & Co.)
The Ditty Bops (charming and eclectic)
Divas (Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James, to be exact)
Whammer Jammer (awesome blues harmonica)
Mr. Snickerdoodle's picks (Cake, They Might Be Giants, R.E.M)


hb said...

yay for you! I'm gonna hafta try your stuff! we have hard water too.

Britney said...

I checked it out -- that was exactly some of the info I was looking for. It was great to have so many cleaners/recipes all in one spot. Thanks! Can't wait to get cleaning (well, not really, but I can't wait to get started making some cleaning supplies!)

LJ said...

just wanted to stop by and say hello. i miss your posts.