Friday, February 12, 2010


The cookie marathon is over and all of our little goodies have safely made it into the hands of our little friends.

I really wanted to use glassine envelopes for our cookie packaging, but I never remember to order them in time. So we sewed little parchment paper packets instead. I'm pretty much in love with the simple imperfection of them.

But still, if I want to have glassine envelopes in time for Valentine's Day 2011, I think I'm going to order them tomorrow, just to be sure. If I can keep from losing them, that is.

This whole "planning ahead" thing is new to me, but I think I might like it...

(cookie recipe here, royal icing recipe here)


Britney said...

I absolutely love them and I love the "envelopes." I can't believe you sat down to your sewing machine with cookies in between two layers. That is dedication! They are GREAT valentines!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Too cute!

Julie said...

Those are the sweestest valentines i've ever seen.

Alissa said...

Where's mine?! Man, I thought for sure my two ah-dorable nephews wouldn't forget their
Aunt Alissa on Valentines Day!! I still love them, and I love you too Steph!