Thursday, January 28, 2010

baby food love

(yellow: spaghetti squash, tan: quinoa pilaf)

We don't buy special baby food for Jack, except for when we go on long family road trips. It's just so easy (not to mention cheap!) to make our own.

Usually that involves grinding whatever we're having for dinner up in the baby food mill-- would you believe that the kid loves curry?

When I've got a little extra time, I also puree batches of various fruits, veggies and cooked grains and freeze them in ice cube molds for a quick and nutritious baby-ready food.


Erin said...

yummy! i have always done the same for my babies. i don't have a baby food mill though. i used a mini food processor. it's so easy, cheap, and healthier!

oh, and when my kids were babies they were more adventurous eaters. now that Liam and Sutton are older they are much more likely to turn their noses up at food.

Anonymous said...

no way! he loves curry?

we are just about to enter the baby food stage. i've never done a mill before but I may have to give it a try this time.

those rosemary porkchops look amazing. might have to give those a try this week.