Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've had my eyes on these slippers for a while now. Aren't they just lovely?

From Etsy's HydraHeart

I've been entertaining myself during baby Jack's 2 am nursings lately imagining how I'd make my own version. I didn't have cute wooden buttons, or black elastic, but I did have these:

A pair of soft black wool trousers that someone forgot were dry clean only. Can you see the lining peeking out the bottom? That cracks me up for some reason...

They were free to me. My mom runs a tiny little community thrift store and saved them for me because she knows I like felted wool.

Yeah, she's the best mom ever.

Anyways, here's my first try-- to test the pattern I made up:

I used two pieces of ribbon to tie my keyhole. Cute, no?

For version two, I'm going to do a few things differently:

*I won't include a seam allowance this time around-- the wool I used has just a little stretch to it and I want them tighter.

*I'll move the keyhole closer to the front of the slipper.

*If I feel really ambitious, I'll add a layer of interfacing-- to give them just a bit more structure

*I'll find something non-slip for my soles.

Stay tuned for take two...

P.S. My sincerest apologies for the filthy mirror. It belongs to baby Jack. He likes to lick it.


SueWis said...


Hey, for the elastic use a ponytail holder thingie. They would hold up better too, I think.

Alison said...

look how cute you are!

Lulu Ann said...

I love those! Now I want to make myself some.

Alissa said...

Well, Steph I know what you can get me for Christmas!They are adorable!!

Kristen said...

Wow, I really like those. Thanks for the inspiration!

Erin said...

very cool! i want new slippers too! do a tutorial for us. Please??

Elizabeth said...

Cute! I like the little detail on the side.

Angie said...

The picture of the pants cracks me up, too, but largely because of the small child hidden behind them.

Jan said...

I have to tell a tale on Stephanie...When she was eight, I was teaching her to do her own laundry. We worked on sorting, water temperature and how much detergent to use...I forgot to mention to her to always check the care tags for the proper way to clean clothing because up to that point all her clothes were wash and wear...That was until I bought her a beautiful blue "wool" coat that matched her twinkly blue eyes perfectly! She wore it once, possibly twice and then to surprise me she decided to do her own herself..and at the tender age of eight she learned to felt! If I had ripped out the lining, that freshly laundered coat would have fit a two year old! Steph, don't you wish you had that beautiful blue felted wool now to make a pair of slippers? I do!

Steph said...

Ugh, mom. Twenty years later, hat coat is still a tender topic for me. What I wouldn't give for that wool now! What did you do with it anyways? Did it just end up in the trash?

Remember my ginormous red wool coat from high school? I've still got that somewhere-- I think. THAT would make some awesome slippers.

Jan said...

I think it went to DI hoping someone would refit the lining...for a two year old!

I love that red coat! I'll trade you any 100% wool coat, pants or skirt from the Bargain Basement plus a leather or suede jacket/coat (makes a great sole)for that red coat. And I wouldn't be cutting it up for scraps! We used to refer to you as red riding hood when you would wear it. It was gorgeous!

We had a free day at the B&B and I got some really neat "reconstruction" items for you if you want them...wooden buttons included! Actually it's a bribe for you to create, photograph and send tutorial links so I can print them out and put them up on my "wall of fame" for ideas for our willing but less than creative ladies! Love mom