Thursday, May 14, 2009

eating green: spinach smoothies

I read a guestmom post recently on DesignMom about green smoothies. My initial reaction was, "Spinach in my smoothie? Yikes!". But, since I adhere to the don't-knock-it-till-you-try-it philosophy, I figured I'd give it a whirl. And it's true, the spinach is undetectable. I'm now slightly addicted. I freeze them in popsicle molds for the kidlets. They beg for them, and have no idea. Mwa-Ha-Ha!!!

We pretty much follow Amy's recipe:

1/2 banana
handful of frozen berries (we love Costco's tripleberry mix)
several handfuls of fresh spinach
a little water for the right consistency



Kate said...

Mmm, we love them too. Pineapple works too--just pineapple, banana, and spinach is delicious.

Where did you get your popcicle molds? I've looked for them. (But obviously not very hard!)

Steph said...

They were a birthday present. From the dollar store, I think?

Britney said...

Love it! We will definitely be whipping these up. Thanks for sharing with my kids!

amy smart said...

Yes! We just had this smoothie for dinner tonight. Spencer used to not like the berries in it so I'd wait to add the berries - just the banana, yogurt, water and spinach and he'd eat it that way. It was totally green.

Angie said...

So sneaky!