Tuesday, April 21, 2009

thrift store chic

After a particularly stressful day with my three kiddos last week, my husband came home and quickly realized I needed a break. Seriously-- I'd had it. So, sweet soul that he is, he sent me off to an evening of my favorite past time: thrift store shopping. Here's what I scored:

Some cute sheets for making skirts (and maybe a dress and some shirts).
I actually squealed out loud when I saw the poppy sheets. LOVE THEM!

The sweater($4) and shoes($6) are in perfect condition.
I wore them on Sunday with a brown pencil skirt and thought they looked great.

The skirt($4) has a few holes where the fabric meets the lace trim at each tier.
I'm not too keen on the lace since it's see-through, so I'm just going to take it all out and sew the tiers back together with out it. I'm pretty excited to see the finished product. The color is perfect.


Emery said...

yummy finds! i wish we could go thrift storing together sometime. maybe i'll search out a hidden treasures place in pinedale and we'll have an outing in august! we're off tomorrow...keep in touch!

Carolyne said...

Those a fabulous finds! I love the skirt!

And it sounds like you picked a good man!