Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sweet pea soaker

Valerie Wallis, a fellow Utahn and knit designer extraordinaire, has said that the only thing better than holding a baby is knitting sweaters for one. Amen, sista! Her "presto chango" baby sweater has made me completely obsessed with knitting teeny things for tiny people, and my latest foray into munchkinland is this adorable ribbed diaper soaker. I learned some new techniques with this pattern: short rows and kitchner stitch. Turns out that kitchner stitch isn't that difficult, as long as you don't lose your place, but I ended up with some small holes where I began my short rows. Not a big deal for a first timer, I just need to make sure I sew them up before this soaker gets used. Oh, and the best thing about knitting for babies? Instant gratification-- this soaker took only half a day to knit.

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